ACBL District 21 From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City
North American Pairs

2019–20 North American Pairs

2019–20 District Finals Results

2019–20 Flight A Winners (click here for complete results)

  1. Robert Munson and Bruce Tuttle
  2. Richard Spitalnick and Mukund Thapa
  3. Ron Karr and Daniel Raider

2019–20 Flight B Winners (click here for complete results)

  1. Qucheng Gong and William Zhu
  2. Ameen Paul and Dan Wong
  3. Michael Hu and Arthur Zhou
  4. Daniel Sonner and Sarah Youngquist

2019–20 Flight C Winners (click here for complete results)

  1. Olivia Schireson and Brian Zhang
  2. Amit Garg and Di Wu
  3. Chris Chen and Andrew Sinclair
  4. Jesse Liu and Youfeng Wu

Resources for Clubs and Units

To schedule a unit final, first check with NAP Coordinator Stu Goodgold whether the date is available, and then click here to register.

NAP flier

Club NAP information

ACBLscore instructions

Additional resources

Conditions of Contest

The ACBL District 21 2019–20 North American Pairs will be played according to the 2019–2020 North American Pairs Conditions of Contest, with District 21 electing the following options as allowed in those Conditions. Any changes to the ACBL Conditions of Contest and their allowed options take precedent over the items listed here.

The time has arrived to start planning for the 2019–20 NAP club-level qualifying games during the months of June, July, and August. Your club may hold two NAP qualifying games per sanctioned session per month. The sanction fee is only $5.00 per table payable to ACBL. Your players receive 50/50 red and black masterpoints at sectional rating. Clubs do not need a special sanction — just use the NAP strata and random deals. Players are allowed to play with different players at a club or a unit NAP game. Unit qualifying NAP games award red with some gold masterpoints at sectional rating. District NAP final games award gold with some red masterpoints at regional rating. Also see resources for club managers.


Players must first qualify at the club level and then after you qualify at the club level you are allowed to enter into the Unit NAP Level — a player can ONLY PLAY IN ONE UNIT GAME IN THE DISTRICT. A Unit can have only ONE UNIT NAP QUALIFYING GAME and the UNIT NAP game must be approved by the NAP Coordinator and take place between September 3 and November 17, 2019. After approval then send to ACBL for an sanction. The fee to Units for the Unit NAP game is $7.00 per table. After qualifying at the Club and Unit Level NAP game you may now enter into the D21 finals with NO EXCEPTION TO QUALIFICATION. The top three finishers in Flight A and the top four finishers in Flight B and Flight C are invited to attend the Spring NABC in Columbus–OH in March 2020 (schedule to be determined).

ACBL monetary awards will be given on site and players must play in the event until eliminated to receive the award. All players must be a paid member of District 21 in good standing.

NAP Coordinator: Stu Goodgold,