ACBL District 21 From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City
North American Pairs

North American Pairs

By Jackie Ortiz

The 2016–7 District 21 North American Pairs are now over with a large turn-out and wishing all our winners good luck at the NABC in Kansas City in March.

Flight A winners: 1st JoAnna Stansby and Lew Stansby, 2nd Gary Soules and Ed Barlow, 3rd Crispen Barrere and Bob Etter.

Flight B winners: 1st Qing Yang and Elenalani Lam, 2nd Luen-Jyh Luo and Tsao-Tung Tsai, 3rd Lani Ray and Richard Wasserstrom, 4th Alan Wood and Bob Enenstein.

Flight C winners: 1st Dominik Dudzik and Wesley May, 2nd Benjamin Leitner and Michael Leitner, 3rd Andrea Ventris and Henry Kingdon, 4th Sarah Youngquist and Cornelius Duffie.

Deadline is approaching to register for 2017 Grand National Teams Flight B. Registrations closes February 15. Flight A registration deadline is March 15. Click here to for further information and to register.