ACBL District 21From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City

As of August 8, 2017

San Francisco Unit 506 member list
Maria AbbottSan Francisco CA1,717.62506
Olga AbouabSan Francisco CA109.51506
David AchterkirchenSan Francisco CA292.70506
Ruth AdamsSan Francisco CA7.37506
Aune AdelmannSan Francisco CA0.00506
Gary AldrichSan Francisco CA146.29506
Caroline AllenSan Francisco CA58.78506
Joanne AllenSan Francisco CA1,596.79506
David AndreSan Francisco CA56.81506
Andy AndrewsSan Francisco CA393.70506
Meg AndrewsSan Francisco CA1,074.10506
Shabbir AnikSan Francisco CA9.04506
Karen AntonelliSan Francisco CA71.05506
Ludmila AntonovaSan Francisco CA699.78506
Timothy ArbogastSan Francisco CA73.48506
Drue AshfordSan Francisco CA98.54506
Jerry AshfordSan Francisco CA40.27506
Roger AtkinsSan Francisco CA8.54506
Deborah AutzehSan Francisco CA0.75506
Kevin BabcockSan Francisco CA44.56506
Judith BaerSan Francisco CA189.62506
Robert BalasSan Francisco CA1,274.62506
H Daniel BanksSan Francisco CA264.36506
Marvin BanksSan Francisco CA382.35506
Carolyn BarberSan Francisco CA0.33506
Dianne Barton-PaineSan Francisco CA1,744.23506
Lana BassoSan Francisco CA88.43506
Lorraine BassonSan Francisco CA467.75506
George BazganSan Francisco CA161.55506
Jay BeattySan Francisco CA2.18506
Kirsten BedaSan Francisco CA21.27506
Dolores BeeSan Francisco CA804.83506
Lael BeerSan Francisco CA1.95506
Richard BelleroseSan Francisco CA2,338.86506
Joelle BenioffSan Francisco CA1,687.49506
Andrew BergerSan Francisco CA576.65506
Charles J BergerSan Francisco CA664.36506
Joan BergerSan Francisco CA74.89506
Marie BerggrenSan Francisco CA5.48506
Joel BerkMenlo Park CA353.66506
Marvin BerkowitzSan Francisco CA0.00506
Joan BerrySan Francisco CA84.30506
Barbara BerwickSan Francisco CA1,034.80506
Eric BishopSan Francisco CA0.84506
Gunnar BlackSan Francisco CA0.82506
William BlackSan Francisco CA3.75506
Robert BlairSan Francisco CA5.36506
Charlotte BlankSan Francisco CA969.22506
Diana BlankSan Francisco CA41.90506
Charles BleadonSan Francisco CA54.31506
Lenore BleadonSan Francisco CA62.54506
Thomas BleanSan Francisco CA163.87506
Debra BleemerSan Francisco CA29.10506
Steven BlumleinSan Francisco CA55.30506
Richard BodiscoSan Francisco CA7.09506
Zdenka BodiscoSan Francisco CA7.09506
Susan BoeingSan Francisco CA1,095.82506
James BoeySan Francisco CA868.75506
Jeannette BonifasSan Francisco CA21.08506
Ann BorgschulteSan Francisco CA4,480.61506
Robert BornsteinSan Francisco CA26.87506
Alan BostromSan Francisco CA710.46506
Joyce BoultwoodSan Francisco CA169.37506
Jamie BowlesSan Francisco CA0.00506
Lauren BowlingSan Francisco CA203.34506
Christine BoydSan Francisco CA73.03506
James BoydSan Francisco CA28.49506
Barbara BoyleSan Francisco CA293.20506
Steven BoyleSan Francisco CA195.15506
Mike BozarthSan Francisco CA895.81506
Romana BraccoSan Francisco CA8.22506
Trish BrandtSan Francisco CA1.95506
Daphne BranstenSan Francisco CA325.29506
Lucille BreslowSan Francisco CA9.50506
Michael BreslowSan Francisco CA3.02506
Leonard BrillSan Francisco CA1,006.48506
Harvey BrodySan Francisco CA19,561.09506
D J BrownSan Francisco CA0.00506
Lawrence BrownOakland CA139.77506
Margaret BrownSan Francisco CA75.43506
Sandra BrownSan Francisco CA7.85506
Zane Gary BrownSan Francisco CA5,100.07506
Randall BrubakerSan Francisco CA94.36506
Dennis BrydonSan Francisco CA231.46506
Ron BuckSan Francisco CA884.57506
Maureen BuickSan Francisco CA2.28506
Cecily BurrillSan Francisco CA12.07506
Joel BurtonSan Francisco CA0.00506
Pamela ButterySan Francisco CA63.31506
Robert ByrumSan Francisco CA2,957.30506
Ann Moller CaenSan Francisco CA21.15506
Claude Cain IIISan Francisco CA886.89506
William CaldwellSan Francisco CA35.02506
Lawrence CalofAtherton CA129.13506
Susan CampbellSan Francisco CA310.19506
Joe CanpioneSan Francisco CA0.00506
Patricia CantrellSan Francisco CA20.52506
Lillian CapeSan Francisco CA91.38506
Terry CarlitzSan Francisco CA1.73506
Nancy CarlsonSan Francisco CA524.50506
Alan CarpenterSan Francisco CA873.47506
Bette CarrSan Francisco CA375.08506
George CarterSan Francisco CA112.74506
Donna CaseySan Francisco CA16.46506
Mary CastigliaSan Francisco CA202.68506
Alfred CavagnaroSan Francisco CA156.79506
Lenore CavalleroHillsborough CA2,001.71506
Michael CellaSan Francisco CA0.00506
Kai ChangSan Francisco CA9.93506
Lori ChangSan Francisco CA5.64506
Lucas ChangSan Francisco CA2.09506
Jesse ChaoSan Francisco CA844.68506
Chris ChenSan Francisco CA154.54506
Yuenyee ChengSan Francisco CA1.45506
Patricia ChiangSan Francisco CA125.56506
Stan ChowSan Francisco CA3,564.99506
Eugene ChungSan Francisco CA169.25506
Chester ChwangSan Francisco CA1,379.76506
Fred CiaramagliaSan Francisco CA55.07506
Robert CiszekSan Francisco CA1,822.90506
Eric CohenSan Francisco CA3.62506
Etan CohenSan Francisco CA13.08506
Jay CohenSan Francisco CA2.35506
Lydia CohenSan Francisco CA17.83506
Mark Bruno CohenSan Francisco CA0.69506
Anne CohlerSan Francisco CA1,037.77506
Tim CohlerSan Francisco CA1,003.28506
Lori ColemanSan Francisco CA238.38506
Charles CollinsSan Francisco CA264.38506
Ruthann ConwaySan Francisco CA4.05506
Nan CookSan Francisco CA0.60506
Marion CopeSan Francisco CA29.77506
John CoreySan Francisco CA1,098.57506
Kenneth CovinskySan Francisco CA225.45506
Ruth CowanSan Francisco CA32.32506
Lynne CrawfordSan Francisco CA12.59506
Denise DaleySan Francisco CA653.80506
Lora DanisSan Francisco CA1.24506
Kenneth DankoSan Francisco CA148.49506
Donna DavidsonSan Francisco CA0.00506
Patty De BonoSan Francisco CA200.81506
John De SotoSan Francisco CA592.15506
Sue DebitsSan Francisco CA7.00506
Julia DefrancoSan Francisco CA15.09506
Michael DegarmoSan Francisco CA146.06506
Ruth DehovitzSan Francisco CA7.73506
Carol DevincenziSan Francisco CA15.13506
Jeffrey DielleSan Francisco CA58.42506
Irene DietzSan Francisco CA6.19506
Beate M Dietze-ReidSan Francisco CA3.12506
Frances DillinghamSan Francisco CA43.24506
Jeanne DinkelspielSan Francisco CA20.91506
Dana DiricksonSan Francisco CA13.00506
Richard DiricksonSan Francisco CA0.00506
Carol DollSan Francisco CA698.23506
Dixon DollSan Francisco CA0.00506
Marilu DonniciSan Francisco CA389.42506
Deborah DrysdaleSan Francisco CA376.24506
Joyce DubaySan Francisco CA8.05506
Judith DuffySan Francisco CA1.19506
Loralee DurkeeSan Francisco CA68.21506
Daniel EdelmanSan Francisco CA241.35506
Kathryn EdelmanSan Francisco CA262.47506
Robert EdwardsOakland CA0.25506
Martha EhrenfeldSan Francisco CA2.70506
Donna EllisSan Francisco CA3.23506
Sharon ElsenSan Francisco CA28.37506
Jim EstesGuerneville CA220.28506
Dianne EstrinSan Francisco CA8.68506
Helene EttelsonSan Francisco CA985.37506
Kimberly FanadySan Francisco CA3,463.10506
Joseph FangSan Francisco CA245.16506
Maury FarringtonSan Francisco CA991.25506
Sandra FarrisSan Francisco CA125.34506
Laura FaySan Francisco CA6.21506
Michael FehrSan Francisco CA245.00506
David FielderSan Francisco CA2,159.23506
Gary FieldsSan Francisco CA128.07506
Bradley FinegoldSan Francisco CA2.32506
Ethan FingermanSan Francisco CA98.66506
John E FisherSan Francisco CA54.56506
John FlynnHillsborough CA2.92506
Catherine FogelmanSan Francisco CA0.18506
Teri FollettSan Francisco CA2.50506
Ernie FongSan Francisco CA887.32506
Jennifer FongSan Francisco CA21.37506
A Kenner FooteSan Francisco CA518.03506
Mark ForesterSan Francisco CA48.23506
Virginia FormichiSan Francisco CA114.80506
Sara FosterSan Francisco CA1,766.44506
Marc FoxVallejo CA64.03506
Maureen FoxSan Francisco CA59.64506
Philip FoxSan Francisco CA102.53506
Eleanor FraenkelSan Francisco CA117.76506
Emily FrancisSan Francisco CA56.60506
Jeff FrankSan Francisco CA59.99506
Lauren FrankelSan Francisco CA0.00506
Nicholas FrankelSan Francisco CA0.00506
Gary FreemanWalnut Creek CA356.73506
Virginia FreemanSan Francisco CA0.00506
Christopher FridaySan Francisco CA1,538.16506
Don FriedmanSan Francisco CA3,733.69506
Joyce FriedmanSan Francisco CA449.97506
Lauren FriedmanDaly City CA2,904.47506
Rona FriedmanSan Francisco CA159.27506
Bernice FruchtSan Francisco CA282.03506
Elizabeth FunstenSan Francisco CA892.86506
Christine FurnasSan Francisco CA85.23506
Gail GabiatiSan Francisco CA619.87506
Debora GaspariSan Francisco CA5.27506
David GendreauSan Francisco CA502.87506
Charles GhermanSan Francisco CA145.06506
Lewis GibbonsSan Francisco CA375.87506
Malin GiddingsSan Francisco CA115.33506
Hinda GilbertSan Francisco CA431.75506
Pico GilmanSan Francisco CA10.30506
Jo GinsbergSan Francisco CA8,354.61506
Paula GivanChicago IL2,530.49506
Linda GolmSan Francisco CA495.61506
Louis GolmSan Francisco CA378.79506
Qucheng GongDaly City CA428.66506
Francis GongloffSan Francisco CA0.00506
Gilbert GonzalezSan Francisco CA23.71506
Ronald GoodmanSan Francisco CA1,475.88506
Lawrence GoodnoughSan Francisco CA0.00506
Rod GoreeSan Francisco CA60.27506
Russell GowenSan Francisco CA1,144.04506
Douglas GrantSan Francisco CA1,208.20506
Terry GrantSan Francisco CA234.86506
Neale GrashamSan Francisco CA0.07506
Doris GrauSan Francisco CA658.59506
Herbert GravesSan Francisco CA206.04506
Ellie GreenSan Francisco CA109.97506
Ari GreenbergSan Francisco CA5,102.36506
Serena GreeningSan Francisco CA10.59506
Doris GrimleySan Francisco CA52.68506
Jane GrimmSan Francisco CA177.88506
Chad GroftSan Francisco CA109.34506
Tonya GrootendorstSan Francisco CA8.30506
Judy GrossmanSan Francisco CA17.52506
Susen GrossmanSan Francisco CA0.19506
Alexandra GroverSan Francisco CA637.26506
Eric GrovesSan Francisco CA1,209.53506
Chunhui GuSan Francisco CA2.30506
Ashish GuptaSan Francisco CA18.32506
Olivia GuthrieSan Francisco CA55.15506
Nancy HammondsSan Francisco CA2.58506
David HankinSan Francisco CA827.91506
Linda HannawaltSan Francisco CA204.47506
Patricia Hanson-ThomsonSan Francisco CA2.58506
Phyllis HarlickSan Francisco CA0.00506
Nicolas HarperSan Francisco CA1.95506
James HarshmanSan Francisco CA28.13506
Mary HauserSan Francisco CA0.00506
Robert HaynSan Francisco CA1,280.90506
Kathryn HechtSan Francisco CA0.40506
Judith HeggieSan Francisco CA24.64506
Judith HeimSan Francisco CA0.00506
J Michael HeldSan Francisco CA288.19506
Frances HellerSan Francisco CA11.41506
Joan HenricksSan Francisco CA1.26506
Martin HertzOakland CA3,118.20506
Eve HeymanSan Francisco CA35.93506
Austin HillsSan Francisco CA7.16506
Susan Hillstrom-MasiSan Francisco CA458.37506
Charles HingerSan Francisco CA2.18506
Stephanie HolbrookSan Francisco CA0.49506
Michael HoneSan Francisco CA0.00506
Marcus HongSan Francisco CA5.80506
Edward HornungSan Bruno CA2,380.36506
Joelle HuffmanSan Francisco CA44.99506
Joshua HullSan Francisco CA75.73506
Harlan HullingerSan Francisco CA4,002.98506
Samuel HunekeSan Francisco CA100.55506
Peggy HuntSan Francisco CA0.00506
Edward HymsonSan Francisco CA37.01506
Patricia HymsonSan Francisco CA82.20506
Nancy IgdaloffSan Francisco CA54.87506
Ken IrelandSan Francisco CA8.61506
Tomi IsonoSan Francisco CA12.87506
Mark IssacsSan Francisco CA61.37506
Michele JacksonSan Franciso CA0.15506
Rachel JacobSan Francisco CA303.98506
Kenneth JacobsSan Francisco CA273.29506
David JamisonSan Francisco CA281.09506
George JeffreySan Francisco CA348.75506
Kate JeffusSan Francisco CA1,075.01506
Garrett JensenSan Francisco CA0.00506
Barbara JohnsonSan Francisco CA2.69506
Helen JohnsonSan Francisco CA102.35506
Craig JonesSan Francisco CA353.42506
Sylvia JonesSan Francisco CA24.51506
Phyllis JosephSan Francisco CA20.53506
Max JuniSan Francisco CA2,158.07506
Helga JustmanSan Francisco CA1.46506
Don KahnSan Francisco CA195.22506
Roz KahnSan Francisco CA1,888.90506
Sara KahnSan Francisco CA7.52506
Stephen KahnSan Francisco CA336.24506
Vicki KahnSan Francisco CA1.70506
Lawrence KaminskySan Francisco CA238.80506
Joyce KaneshiroSan Francisco CA0.64506
Zachary KarlssonSan Francisco CA35.38506
Sage KataokaSan Francisco CA154.04506
Janet KattenSan Francisco CA13.24506
Stephen KattenSan Francisco CA0.95506
Stephen KaufmanSan Francisco CA1,221.03506
Hazel KawajaSan Francisco CA1.12506
Martin KayeSan Francisco CA542.24506
Martha KellerSan Francisco CA1,039.15506
David KennedySan Francisco CA24.91506
Andrew KerrSan Francisco CA172.50506
Elizabeth KesslerSan Francisco CA5.15506
James KesslerSan Francisco CA3.20506
Florence KettererSan Francisco CA25.27506
Sigmund KettererSan Francisco CA591.49506
Nelda KilgussSan Francisco CA49.85506
Eleanor KillebrewSan Francisco CA7.12506
David KingSan Francisco CA8.56506
Steven KippermanSan Francisco CA3,510.54506
Marvin KirchnerSan Francisco CA307.70506
Bill KirkPacifica CA0.00506
Vicki KlapperSan Francisco CA123.23506
Mike KlaymanSan Francisco CA127.61506
Brian KleinSan Francisco CA248.60506
E Lawrence KoltonSan Francisco CA3,091.65506
Lucille KongSan Francisco CA552.13506
Nadine KossSan Francisco CA151.59506
Carolyn KotnerSan Francisco CA155.32506
Zandra KrischerSan Francisco CA0.88506
Paul KruegerSan Francisco CA633.67506
Peter KuehlSan Francisco CA351.43506
Judith KurtzSan Francisco CA8.27506
Christopher La ChanceSan Francisco CA10.57506
Betty LaVineSan Francisco CA258.30506
Robert LaVineSan Francisco CA11.21506
Joyce LampertSan Francisco CA16.26506
Richard LareauSan Francisco CA8.88506
Marquerite LawrenceSan Francisco CA49.31506
Margo LeahySan Francisco CA0.19506
Susan LedfordSan Francisco CA2,433.94506
Lily LeeSan Francisco CA8.51506
Patricia A LeeSan Francisco CA27.70506
Sharon LeeSan Francisco CA520.36506
Isabella Lee-RubioSan Francisco CA0.00506
Arlene LeiberSan Francisco CA31.26506
Owen LeibmanSan Francisco CA2,063.42506
Lillemor LeichumSan Francisco CA75.14506
Philip LeongSan Francisco CA792.50506
Margaret LerianSan Francisco CA0.00506
Vicki LernerSan Francisco CA11,010.67506
Jim LeukerSan Francisco CA4,002.28506
Richard LevenbergSan Francisco CA0.00506
Mary Kay LeveroniSan Francisco CA393.10506
James LevinSan Francisco CA8.98506
Michael LevinSan Francisco CA2,168.10506
Terry LevinSan Francisco CA265.10506
David LevySan Francisco CA988.00506
Jesse LevySan Francisco CA111.27506
Larry LewEl Cerrito CA1,003.24506
Joan LewisSan Francisco CA5.16506
Kevin LibergSan Francisco CA315.23506
Jennifer LinSan Francisco CA993.11506
Marie O'Gara LipmanSan Francisco CA15.38506
Louis LipsetSan Francisco CA1,773.75506
Joannie LissSan Francisco CA0.00506
Christina LoSan Francisco CA26.31506
Robert LoginSan Francisco CA0.00506
Ann LongknifeSan Mateo CA1,699.59506
Marc LorenzenSan Francisco CA0.66506
Sidney LorvanPacifica CA8,260.83506
Josephine LottSan Francisco CA821.14506
Lois Low TanSan Francisco CA1,608.63506
Franklin LoweSan Francisco CA642.60506
Claude LowenSan Francisco CA0.00506
Elaine LowenthalSan Francisco CA1,152.59506
Lorraine LucasSan Francisco CA2.04506
Patsy LudwigSan Francisco CA82.04506
Linda LyonsSan Francisco CA4.30506
Anne MackenzieSan Francisco CA0.34506
Dolores MackinnonSan Francisco CA306.18506
Lynn MagnetSan Francisco CA928.20506
Edwin MahSan Francisco CA650.09506
Siesel MaibachSan Francisco CA237.34506
Frank MainzerSan Francisco CA149.84506
Julie MakSan Francisco CA0.00506
Alan MaloufSan Francisco CA70.37506
Donna MandelSan Francisco CA328.79506
Gary MankinSan Francisco CA205.02506
Charles MannSan Francisco CA89.97506
Deborah MannSan Francisco CA0.00506
Pamela MannSan Francisco CA21.22506
Elizabeth MarcusSan Francisco CA4,681.51506
Leila MarcusSan Francisco CA208.64506
Barbara MarshSan Francisco CA51.93506
Peter MarshSan Francisco CA51.99506
Buzz MartinSan Francisco CA1.08506
Doris MartinSan Francisco CA536.34506
Christine MarverSan Francisco CA0.00506
Karl MauzeySan Francisco CA92.06506
Mary Beth MayoSan Francisco CA4.61506
Terry MayoSan Francisco CA0.65506
Mark McCarthySan Francisco CA2,274.00506
Tillie McCulloughSan Francisco CA180.94506
Andrew McLaughlinSan Francisco CA53.65506
Carrick McLaughlinSan Francisco CA27.30506
Jane McLaughlinSan Francisco CA1,291.21506
Callie McLellanSan Francisco CA0.00506
Susanna McMahonSan Francisco CA3.22506
Eda McNultySan Francisco CA18.27506
Michael McNultySan Francisco CA81.30506
Sally McNultySan Francisco CA38.27506
Michael McWaltersSan Francisco CA88.88506
Kathleen MeekerSan Francisco CA3.36506
Stephen MeekerSan Francisco CA2.36506
Bette Meers-O'HaraSan Francisco CA1,247.18506
Gail MejeurSan Francisco CA10.80506
Paul MelodiaSan Francisco CA0.53506
Tony MelucciSan Francisco CA1,456.09506
Allison E MetzSan Francisco CA5.60506
Ron Mey-AmiSan Francisco CA293.02506
Mark MicheliSan Francisco CA441.67506
Kayoko MikiSan Francisco CA426.92506
Arnie MillerSan Francisco CA7.77506
Margo MillerSan Francisco CA19.26506
Jeffrey MishlerSan Francisco CA12.69506
Robert MisonSan Francisco CA12.82506
Lisa MizonoSan Francisco CA4.26506
Donald MolloySan Francisco CA0.00506
Cynthia MolstadSan Francisco CA0.60506
Denise MonfrediniSan Francisco CA14.89506
Lee Ann MonfrediniSan Francisco CA2.14506
Alice MoriguchiSan Francisco CA907.10506
Eddie MoriguchiSan Francisco CA866.93506
Frederick MorrisSan Francisco CA929.31506
Walter MosleySan Francisco CA0.65506
Stephen MosticaSan Francisco CA325.62506
Reinhardt MuirSan Francisco CA23.31506
Deborah MurphySan Francisco CA4,119.14506
Geri MurphySan Francisco CA91.80506
Gary NearSan Francisco CA1,681.53506
Nancy NebekerSan Francisco CA4.53506
Marilyn NebenzahlSan Francisco CA33.46506
Howard NeckelSan Francisco CA164.63506
Donna NeffSan Francisco CA149.56506
David NeumanSan Francisco CA2,373.14506
Eva Miriam NewbrunSan Francisco CA0.00506
Eric NewcomerSan Francisco CA58.69506
David NgHillsborough CA1,714.09506
Robert NgMillbrae CA5,337.16506
Judi NicolaiSan Francisco CA10.01506
Joanne NinoSan Francisco CA24.14506
Loren NordlundSan Francisco CA198.25506
Elizabeth NoronhaSan Francisco CA1,442.77506
Lynn NorrisSan Francisco CA407.20506
Michael O'HaraSan Francisco CA2,274.75506
Rachel ObstlerSan Francisco CA1.26506
Robert OconnorSouth Bend IN11.66506
Barbara OlsonSan Francisco CA0.00506
Bruce OsterweilSan Francisco CA340.06506
Haifu OwenSan Francisco CA0.00506
Nicholas PaleologosSan Francisco CA130.07506
Kathleene PaulSan Francisco CA10.64506
Linda PayneSan Francisco CA26.56506
Helene PeckermanSan Fran CA61.84506
Janet PellegriniSan Francisco CA2.82506
Thomas PelliccioniSan Francisco CA23.09506
Renee PerlmanSan Francisco CA11.38506
Teiko PetersonSan Francisco CA2,459.92506
Eric PettersenSan Francisco CA2.40506
Mary Sue PhilpSan Francisco CA17.79506
Laura PilzSan Francisco CA0.00506
Kurt PocsiSan Francisco CA1,796.70506
James PoleySan Francisco CA0.64506
Lee PollakSan Francisco CA183.57506
Stuart PollakSan Francisco CA156.26506
Todd PopeSan Francisco CA0.00506
Daniel PopplewellSan Francisco CA21.98506
Ken PragSan Francisco CA48.03506
Merilyn PrestenSan Francisco CA104.37506
Argenta PriceSan Francisco CA339.51506
Robert PucciSan Francisco CA10.05506
Edward PyleSausalito CA335.94506
Ruth QuigleySan Francisco CA8.33506
Susan QuinnSan Francisco CA2.32506
Mark RalphSan Francisco CA13,164.02506
Anant RathiSan Francisco CA1,844.13506
Eric RatnerSan Francisco CA499.59506
Nancy RaznickSan Francisco CA758.13506
Mark ReedSan Francisco CA2.83506
Jeffrey ReidSan Francisco CA2,016.27506
Martin ReinfriedSan Francisco CA64.25506
Tom ReisSan Francisco CA753.92506
Genie ReynoldsSan Francisco CA1,888.91506
Jeff ReynoldsSan Francisco CA3,965.67506
Louise RiggSan Francisco CA304.19506
Richard RiggSan Francisco CA837.56506
Collin RitchieSan Francisco CA13.01506
John RitchieSan Francisco CA0.00506
Mark RobbSan Francisco CA4.38506
James RobbinsSan Francisco CA0.00506
Sandra RobbinsSan Francisco CA0.00506
A James RobertsonSan Francisco CA5.47506
Marion RobertsonSan Francisco CA2,566.59506
R RobertsonSan Francisco CA33.05506
M Murphy RobinsSan Francisco CA9.57506
Edis RobinsonSan Francisco CA1.54506
Martin RobinsonSan Francisco CA1.54506
Robin RocheSan Francisco CA2,200.28506
Richard RockwellSan Francisco CA17.01506
Donald C RogersSan Francisco CA236.35506
Richard RogersSan Francisco CA1,015.49506
Stephanie RogersSan Francisco CA976.09506
Tony RoggeroSan Francisco CA2.92506
Shelagh RohlenSan Francisco CA10.00506
Daisy RomanSan Francisco CA115.78506
Jeffrey RoosSan Francisco CA2.51506
Marc RosaaenDaly City CA1,255.34506
Karen RoseSan Francisco CA15.73506
Judith RosenSan Francisco CA2.48506
Frank RosenbergSan Francisco CA305.16506
Gayle RosenkrantzSan Francisco CA290.75506
Adam RossSan Francisco CA1.68506
Diane RossSan Francisco CA18.23506
Joel RossmanSan Francisco CA70.59506
Tom RothgiesserSan Francisco CA421.52506
Edward RothmanSan Francisco CA0.00506
Lorene RowlandSan Francisco CA356.53506
Brad RudermanSan Francisco CA0.00506
Allison RugglesSan Francisco CA2.23506
Rainer RungaldierOrinda CA234.88506
Brooke RusenkoSan Francisco CA1.21506
John RusenkoSan Francisco CA1.73506
Sherry RuskinSan Francisco CA116.78506
Bruce RutanSan Francisco CA194.75506
Susan RuwartSan Francisco CA172.51506
Lea SalemSan Francisco CA148.52506
Ellen SalwenSan Francisco CA35.87506
Maureen SamsonSan Francisco CA0.00506
Brigitte SandquistSan Francisco CA18.40506
Ebe Sapone-CavagnarSan Francisco CA48.99506
Mark SawchukSan Francisco CA12.30506
Scott SawickiSan Francisco CA0.30506
Fataneh ScampaSan Francisco CA0.21506
Betty SchaferSan Francisco CA53.21506
Michael ScharlauSan Francisco CA128.98506
Judith SchenkkanSan Francisco CA0.05506
Larry SchmehlSan Francisco CA174.87506
Russell SchraderSan Francisco CA0.12506
Rita SchreiberSan Francisco CA61.44506
Bette ScopeSan Francisco CA3,496.81506
Jerry ScottS San Francisco CA188.17506
Wesley SebrenSan Francisco CA6.39506
Lydia SeebachSan Francisco CA30.05506
David SextonSan Francisco CA110.54506
Connie ShapiroSan Francisco CA746.18506
Frada ShapiroSan Francisco CA1.95506
Lori SherkSan Francisco CA4.60506
Lee SherwoodSan Francisco CA11.12506
Ruisheng ShiSan Francisco CA253.77506
Ernest ShimadaBurlingame CA36.15506
Jeanette ShinsakoSan Francisco CA1,555.58506
Joann ShirleySan Francisco CA2,396.28506
Derek ShockeySan Francisco CA1.41506
Maxine SigelSan Francisco CA1,172.94506
Arthur SimonSan Francisco CA315.95506
Edie SingerSan Francisco CA0.13506
Sunil SinghSan Francisco CA1,111.47506
Pat SkalaSan Francisco CA2.27506
Peggy SkorniaSan Francisco CA10.48506
Kent SlingerSan Francisco CA292.48506
S Dion Smith, M.D.San Francisco CA334.70506
Steven SmolenSan Francisco CA8,448.19506
Alice SobelSan Francisco CA1,325.71506
Marilynne SollowaySan Francisco CA36.27506
Barbara SonnenblickSan Francisco CA636.63506
Judy SoongSan Francisco CA585.38506
Mary SouzaSan Francisco CA209.43506
Deann SpaldingSan Francisco CA0.87506
Helen SpaldingSan Francisco CA403.39506
Richard SpaldingSan Francisco CA168.21506
D Gill SperleinSan Francisco CA131.04506
Nina SrejovicSan Francisco CA0.00506
Joanne StackSan Francisco CA2.69506
Richard StackSan Francisco CA1.85506
Julian StandenSan Francisco CA412.68506
Jocelyn StartzSan Francisco CA487.37506
Frederick SteeleSan Francisco CA1,623.04506
Susan SteerSan Francisco CA15.24506
Judith SteinSan Francisco CA1,232.06506
Leeann SteinerSan Francisco CA77.81506
Paul SteinerSan Francisco CA2.70506
Thomas SternSan Francisco CA1,917.22506
Joanne StevensSan Francisco CA0.00506
Judith StevensonSan Francisco CA0.56506
Thomas StillmanSan Francisco CA323.76506
Deb StonerSan Francisco CA2.96506
Andrew StrausSan Francisco CA1,860.39506
David StraussSan Francisco CA2,418.66506
Jo StreichSan Francisco CA48.73506
Nancy StretchSan Francisco CA127.96506
Sheila StuartSan Francisco CA269.52506
Stephen SuacciSan Francisco CA100.76506
Marykate SullivanSan Francisco CA3.97506
Mark SumnerSan Francisco CA113.29506
George SundbySan Francisco CA0.00506
Julia SusserSan Francisco CA0.00506
Joe SweeneySan Francisco CA233.17506
John SweeneySan Francisco CA50.86506
David SweetSan Francisco CA79.97506
Elizabeth SweetowSan Francisco CA220.37506
Dante TamSan Francisco CA13.44506
Yoko TanakaSan Francisco CA1,439.85506
Dorothy TaylorSan Francisco CA125.23506
Jean TepperSan Francisco CA0.00506
Scott ThomasonSan Francisco CA0.40506
D ThompsonSan Francisco CA352.30506
Eve ThompsonSan Francisco CA211.46506
Nancy ThompsonSan Francisco CA217.12506
Joe TimmreckSan Francisco CA40.49506
Michael TorpeySan Francisco CA73.06506
Peggy TorpeySan Francisco CA3.86506
Takemi TotesSan Francisco CA1,706.29506
Thuy TranSan Franciso CA14.14506
Donald TraunerSan Francisco CA7.25506
Joan TraunerSan Francisco CA27.64506
Claire TrepanierSan Francisco CA10.15506
Vivian TsaiSan Francisco CA11.18506
Eddie TsaowuSan Francisco CA316.47506
Charlene TuchmanSan Francisco CA189.69506
Betsy TwaddellSan Francisco CA169.81506
Thomas TwaddellSan Francisco CA174.76506
Misty TyreeSan Francisco CA8.77506
Emmanuel VacakisSan Francisco CA2,205.45506
Sara Van DykeSan Francisco CA34.76506
John VandeguchteSan Francisco CA25.45506
Christopher VandemoreSan Francisco CA517.71506
Neil VazSan Francisco CA69.82506
David VeitSan Francisco CA1.93506
Marsha VeitSan Francisco CA8.45506
Russell VernickSan Francisco CA0.60506
Mary VogtSan Francisco CA2.51506
Terry VogtSan Francisco CA506.09506
Barbara VossSan Francisco CA231.83506
Phil WaddingtonSan Francisco CA183.52506
Ruth WaddingtonSan Francisco CA172.98506
Kusum WagleSan Francisco CA0.92506
Uday WagleSan Francisco CA0.00506
Rosemarie WagnerSan Francisco CA1.85506
Dorothy WalkerSan Francisco CA205.38506
Brian WallaceSan Francisco CA18.45506
Roger WaltherSan Francisco CA1.55506
Baron WangSan Francisco CA398.18506
Dean WangsvickDaly City CA1,656.84506
Claudette WarrenSan Francisco CA699.14506
Mary WarrenSan Francisco CA7.94506
Jack WatersSan Francisco CA245.24506
Neila WatersSan Francisco CA0.87506
Tracie WaxmanSan Francisco CA0.49506
Maxwell WebbSan Francisco CA0.00506
Judy WeilSan Francisco CA198.74506
S Douglas WeilSan Francisco CA159.01506
Stephen WeinerSan Francisco CA0.00506
Joan WeissSan Francisco CA2,038.50506
Sally WhiteSan Francisco CA7.87506
Michael WhitmanSan Francisco CA3,402.67506
Christopher WilderSan Francisco CA0.00506
Constance WilhiteSan Francisco CA1.33506
Sandy WilliamsSan Francisco CA1.46506
Richard WilmingtonSan Francisco CA240.04506
Herb WiltsekSan Francisco CA1,326.47506
John WinstonSan Francisco CA115.41506
Albert WongSan Francisco CA4.64506
Kris WongSan Francisco CA842.77506
Cynthia WoodsSan Francisco CA0.00506
Kurt WoottonSan Francisco CA17.84506
Edmund WuSan Francisco CA3,415.82506
Long WuSan Francisco CA382.84506
Steven YoungSan Francisco CA424.40506
Dariush YoussefiHalf Moon Bay CA4,551.32506
Felix YsturizSan Francisco CA574.11506
Peggy ZeiterSan Francisco CA1,789.78506