ACBL District 21 From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City
District Director Report

ACBL San Diego Board Meetings Report

By Roger Smith, ACBL District 21 National Director

There were many important ACBL issues discussed in the ACBL Board of Directors meetings held at the beginning of the North American Bridge Championships (NABC) just held in San Diego and I will get to them later. It was great to see so many District 21 players enjoying the tournament. The San Diego facility and location were very good. ACBL management is already looking at openings for future NABCs so we can return to that location. While our location in San Francisco is definitely considered one of the best San Diego now has a good location too. Many in ACBLland are now looking forward to our west coast NABC in San Francisco in the Fall of 2019.

While discussing future NABCs I will tell you that Reno is being considered for another tournament.

ACBL management is also strongly encouraging local organizations to locate sponsors who will purchase ads in promotional materials. Those funds obtained by the local committee will be retained by the committee and used for the betterment of that NABC. Sponsorship money obtained by ACBL management will be split 50/50 with the local organization and that money must also be used for the betterment of that NABC. Extra funds are used for additional hospitality.

A rule passed in San Diego that must be passed again in the next meeting to become effective states that the District Organization will select a Tournament Chairman three years prior to the NABC. The chairman may not be a member of the ACBL Board of Directors or Chairman of the Board of Governors.

The allowable masterpoint cap for limited sectionals has been raised from 500 points to 750 points. With management approval a sponsoring organization may run a limited sectional using directors who are not ACBL employees.

Any member who originally joined ACBL prior to January 1, 2010, and whose membership has lapsed, may have the Life Master rank requirements existing for members who joined prior to January 1, 2010 applied to them if they do one of two things. If their membership is reinstated prior to July 1, 2018 or if reinstated on or after July 1, 2018 they pay a one-time fee of $ 50 to ACBL. We can use this tool to contact specific ex-members and ask them to come back.

A movement to limit District Directors to four consecutive three-year terms has taken the first step. That rule change was passed in San Diego. It must be passed again by the Board at the next meeting to be held in Philadelphia. If that happens it will be submitted to the Board of Governors who must also approve it. If those approvals happen then District Directors who first take office on January 1, 2019 or later will be affected.

ACBL Board members are working more now on strategic planning for the entire organization. Certainly the Board works on solving immediate problems but more and more The Board wants to spend time thinking of and planning for the future. I think this is a good idea and will benefit the ACBL.

College scholarships are available for bridge players from the ACBL Education Foundation. You can get details by contacting them, ACBL management, or visit

I definitely want to congratulate Jackie Zayac who has been elected to become District 21 Director on January 1. She has already done a lot of volunteering for District 21 and now there is more to come.

This is my final report as your District Director. It has been a privilege and an honor to represent you in this position for a total of 15 years. I began volunteering on the Sacramento Unit Board in 1974 and eventually served as their President. Since 1974 I have always served on at least one Board including District 21 Board and President, Western Conference Board and President, and the ACBL Board and President in 2005. As a past ACBL President and no longer a member of the ACBL Board beginning January 1 I will become a member of the ACBL Board of Governors for life. Additionally, I have just moved to Modesto and I have been asked to serve on their Unit Board of Directors and I am happy to do that.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and is looking forward to a wonderful future (particularly in your bridge endeavors)!