ACBL District 21 From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City
District Director Report

Toronto Report

By Roger Smith, ACBL District 21 National Director

I am reporting on ACBL Board of Directors meetings and some tournament activities from the North American Bridge Championships held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in July. The location was close to a number of hotels and a variety of places to eat and the playing space was very comfortable. Attendance exceeded our estimates which was a good thing considering the current trend throughout the ACBL is a drop in tournament attendance.

I don't usually mention North American Bridge Championship (NABC) results but the Toronto tournament is an exciting exception for District 21. As we all know, the Grand National Teams event begins at the local level. Then we have a district final to select a District 21 representative to the finals which begin just before the Summer NABC. There are four flights in the event. The Championship Flight is open to all players. Then there are Flights A, B, and C which are limited by masterpoint holdings. Most of the districts enter teams at each level so at the beginning of the finals teams from District 21 each had 24 opponents. At the end three of our four teams won their event! No one remembers any district winning this many flights. You can see the team members pictures in the Monday, July 24 Daily Bulletin from Toronto (available at or in an upcoming issue of the ACBL Bulletin magazine.

One action taken by the ACBL Board in our Toronto meetings is to remove the Stop card from tournament bidding boxes beginning January 1. There is a Competition and Conventions Committee and they asked the board to remove the Stop card. It was a controversial topic at first, but the committee had good reasons for making the change. There will be detailed explanations in bridge publications as we get close to January 1.

Clubs are not required to remove the Stop card from bidding boxes but are encouraged to do so.
That way when a club player plays in a tournament the bidding boxes will be the same.

The Board spent considerable time reviewing and discussing revisions to The Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR). We plan to vote on the changes at an upcoming meeting.

This Fall NABC will be held in San Diego. It is the closest NABC until District 21 hosts the Fall 2019 NABC. If you have any interest in attending an NABC think about making plans soon to play in San Diego.

If you have comments about anything relating to ACBL activities please feel free to contact me at