ACBL District 21 From the Golden Gate
to the Silver City
District Director Report

District 21 Director Report From New Orleans Meetings

By Roger Smith

I hope everyone who attended the New Orleans North American Bridge Championships had a great time in the city as well as at the bridge tournament. As we all know the food and special pastries are fantastic.

Kit Woolsey of District 21 has created a bidding convention that can be used when the opponents open one notrump. It used to only be allowed in a few events but the ACBL General Convention Chart has now been modified to allow the convention in almost all events. Thank you Kit for your good idea that now can benefit all players.

Editorial Updates are being done with the Communications and Documentation Committee to remove outdated documents from the ACBL website. ACBL handbooks and guides are under revision to reflect the new editorial and brand standards. The Club Managers Handbook and the ACBL Handbook of Conditions and Contests have been updated. Work is currently being done on the Resource Guide for planning Regional and Sectional tournaments, Home-style Bridge, Lesson Games and Bridge+, Intermediate/Novice Tournament Guide and Handicap Games.

I want to draw everyone’s attention to the ACBL version of The Longest Day. On the day the sun is out the longest (and the next day) ACBL units and clubs will be holding games to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. They are the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Those days are Sunday, June 21 and Monday, June 22. If you have a game during those days, or can set one up, please consider getting involved in raising money to fight Alzheimer’s Disease. Check for details on how to do it. As a player, please seriously consider playing in and supporting a game those days.

I want to draw your attention to a relatively new service of the ACBL. It is called the Partnership Desk. You can find out all about it by logging on to and then typing in the search box Partnership Desk. It was launched at the beginning of January and can be used for any sanctioned club or tournament event. Try it if you are seeking partners, particularly for a Regional or North American Bridge Championship tournament.

I am happy to report that District 21 has made a significant improvement in our Youth and Junior memberships in the past year. We now have 156 Youth and Junior members. We are second of all 25 ACBL Districts. District 7 (in the Mid Atlantic) has a total of 178 Youth and Junior members. Tied for third and fourth are Districts 6 and 25 with 82 Youth and Junior members. We have a number of good Youth and Junior programs here in District 21. I encourage everyone to support those programs. Just think, if our units and clubs support more memberships than they already have we could be first in the ACBL in a District with Youth and Junior members.

If not before, I hope to see you at Goodwill Day at the Sacramento Regional.